Friday 6 December 2002

Angry response to US pressure over Turkey

They cut a deal; Turkey lets the US use its bases to give Iraq a kicking and the US will pressure the EU to let Turkey in, it's so obvious! The US government seems to be treating everyone like subservient idiots, big mistake.

Anger is growing in Brussels and some of Europe's capitals at the increased pressure from the US to admit Turkey as a member of the EU. The US lobby became stronger this week during a visit to Europe of US secretary of State Paul Wolfowitz, who visited London and Ankara.

"The US are entitled to exert influence, but the EU is not obliged to bow to its pressure, we will do what we think is right" said Hans-Gert Poettering a German Christian Democrat MEP told the European Parliament in a debate on Wednesday evening.

He also compared the insistence by the US that Turkey be given a date to begin negotiations at next week's Copenhagen summit as like the EU asking the US to admit Mexico.

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