Wednesday 11 December 2002

Bush, It Seems Has Lost Venezuela

Chavez must have been a cat in his previous incarnation, I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Coup, counter coup, attempted coup all met with millions of ordinary Venezuelans who want their president to stay. Is this a template for the rest of us? Chavez has a very progressive constitution aimed at redistributing wealth away from the rich fat capitalist bastards and turning it over to the poor so they can use it to feed themselves. Yes he's unpopular with some, but only with the Reevils who are the ones with something to loose!

By the way people, this is also a classic case of media-manipulation of the general population; if you get your news off the Beeb or any other "reputable" news source you'll know that Chavez is a neo-communist dictator who is highly unpopular with his people - it's the biggest load of Rhino shit I've ever heard in my life! Oh yeah, and this is also going to make a war with Iraq much more likely because Venezuela is a major US oil supplier, and of course Phony Tony is going to go along with it because that's what he does.

posted on by Joseph Ehrlich

One of our clients just forwarded us this report. If true and accurate and we have no reason to believe it not to be so, Bush has lost Venezuela. Thereby, he is under incredible pressure to attack Iraq.

Now, as to the boarding of the North Korean cargo ship. We believe this may be a set up. For what? North Korea no doubt may board a cargo ship for Taiwan with US military supplies.

This is seriously out of hand. Bush must be ordered to stand down. He is losing. You have to know when to call a major time out.

Now, we want to say this one more time. If Bush goes into Iraq and it appears he has captured Baghdad, do not become complacent due to the appearance of a victory. We assure you that China and the Arab/islamic nations have planned against such an event.

This is all serious, serious, serious. This is not a video game. Moreover, war, battle and conflict is not the same it was before. It is time we show intelligence and put our best minds to the task and open up truth to public discussion, where it will become apparent that we are upon the wrong, not the right path.

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