Friday 29 November 2002

Was Kenya a False Flag Operation?

The latest news is that police in Kenya arrest a couple with AMERICAN passports! This is smelling more like rotting cod all the time.

The more real news that trickles in the less I believe the official account of what happened in Kenya. The eve of the Israeli elections, two surface to air missles fired at a commercial aircraft. Both missiles miss and the passangers on the flight report hearing a loud crashing sound, was it an unarmed missle hitting the hull? Now I don't know much about SA7 missiles but I do know they are heatseekers and as such once armed, targeted and fired are very hard to avoid especially if one happens to be flying a commercial airliner! You want me to believe that a group sophisticated enough to plan and execute this operation is so stupid that both of their SAMs miss the target?????? Sorry, that doesn't sit right at all... One only has to look at the history of it to see how adept Israeli intelligence is at false flag operations to realise that this bombing is not all that it seems. Am I the only one who thinks it strange that no-one has ever heard of the group that carried it out "Army of Palestine" isn't exactly a common sort of name for an Islamic terrorist group. Also note that the group claims to be Lebanese based and the tensions between Lebanon and Israel have been growing steadily of late. Could this attack form an excuse for Israel to take military action against Lebanon?

So now Israel has the excuse to get involved in the "war on terror" even though the Americans didn't want that to happen, Sharon promises retaliation and with that psycho in charge of Israel who knows what will happen next. The bellicose Israeli politicians have yet more of an excuse to bang on about the fact that all Arabs are terrorists and that all they want to do is destroy the state of Israel. The Kenyans are wondering "why us?" as well they should. Call me suspicious, call me a conspiracy nut but I refuse to merely accept official stories unquestioningly and this one smells like a government op in the same way that Bali did! Why didn't the Australian and British governments pass on the warnings they received to the Kenyan authorities?

I don't know for sure what happened but there is ALWAYS more to what's going on than we're being told. As I find stuff I'll post it here...

Investigators hunt Kenya attackers

Investigators are sifting through the rubble of a hotel in the Kenyan resort of Mombasa, searching for clues about who was behind two attacks against Israeli targets which killed at least 15 people.

US and Israeli security officers have joined Kenyan police in the hunt for the masterminds of Thursday's suicide bombing at the Paradise Hotel and the attempted missile attack on an Israeli charter flight.

Three foreign suspects detained on Thursday are still being questioned. A missile launcher and two missile casings have been found.

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Source of claim that Palestinians were behind Kenya is from a single FAX sent from a group nobody has ever heard of.

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