Monday 25 November 2002

A war that can't be won

As if we needed more evidence that the US Administration is definitely a few Henry's short of a Wizard, this war is an exercise in violent Imperialist expansion and economic rape. They are using the very tools to "fight" the "war on terror" as created the "terror" in the first damn place! Have they even tried to sort the Israeli-Palestinian issues out? No! Have they even tried to address the legitimate grievances of the people who feel the need to blow themselves up because their lives are so hopeless? No! They merely brand them as "terrorists" and use a B-52 to blow the shit out of everything in sight -- including thousands of innocent people who are themselves being trampled on by the very same "terrorists"!!!!!

This is NOT the way to solve the problems of this world, if you think it is then you're a fascist nazi wanker who has visited the wrong website and almost certainly needs to re-evaluate the direction of their moral compass. Violence is a primordial, primitive, inhuman and thoroughly barbaric way of solving any problem, more especially if it (Saddam "Mr. CIA" Hussein) happens to be a problem that YOU created in the first feckin' place!

This time last year, supporters of George Bush's war on terror were in euphoric mood. As one Taliban stronghold after another fell to the US-backed Northern Alliance, they hailed the advance as a decisive blow to the authors of the September 11 atrocities. The critics and doom-mongers had been confounded, cheerleaders crowed. Kites were flying again, music was playing and women were throwing off their burkas with joyful abandon.

As the US president demanded Osama bin Laden "dead or alive", government officials on both sides of the Atlantic whispered that they were less than 48 hours from laying hands on the al-Qaida leader. By destroying the terrorist network's Afghan bases and its Taliban sponsors, supporters of the war argued, the Americans and their friends had ripped the heart out of the beast. Washington would now begin to address Muslim and Arab grievances by fast-tracking the establishment of a Palestinian state. Downing Street even published a rollcall of shame of journalists they claimed had been proved wrong by a hundred days of triumph. And in parliament, Jack Straw ridiculed Labour MPs for suggesting that the US and Britain might still be fighting in Afghanistan 12 months down the line.

One year on, the crowing has long since faded away; reality has sunk in. After six months of multiplying Islamist attacks on US, Australian and European targets, civilian and military - in Tunisia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Russia, Jordan, Yemen, the US and Indonesia - western politicians are having to face the fact that they are losing their war on terror. In Britain, the prime minister has taken to warning of the "painful price" that the country will have to pay to defeat those who are "inimical to all we stand for", while leaks about the risk of chemical or biological attacks have become ever more lurid. After a year of US military operations in Afghanistan and around the world, the CIA director George Tenet had to concede that the threat from al-Qaida and associated jihadist groups was as serious as before September 11. "They've reconstituted, they are coming after us," he said.

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