Monday 25 November 2002

Did Mossad Know?

I can't stress enough the value of the books by Victor Ostrovsky, if you're interested in understanding the mentality of the Mossad as an organisation and the threat they represent to the world then his books are an absolute must.

"The bottom line is that no Israelis were in the WTC when it was attacked. This is based on the ethnic breakdown of the victims reported by CNN. ZIM Shipping had broken their lease to vacate just weeks before. Odigo, an Israeli owned company with offices near the WTC, received an advance warning of the attacks before the hijacked planes had even left the ground. According to an unnamed US Government official interviewed by Carl Cameron, evidence exists that links Israeli spies to 9-11 which has been classified by the US Government. The letters sent with the Anthrax, written to appear to be from Arab Muslims, prove the existence of a plot to frame Arab Muslims for terror attacks in the United States. Israel's supporters are screaming "anti-Semite" in all directions to try to get the lid back on this scandal, but the evidence continues to pile up that we are looking at the latest variation on the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents were caught bombing US and UK targets in Egypt and framing Arabs for it. Yet another history that the screamers of "Anti-Semite" hope you will forget is the bombing of the King David Hotel, in which the Israeli bombers again dressed in Arab clothing. IN light of these past patterns, it is reasonable to ask if Americans are be the victims of the most monstrous hoax in history." ::: Mike Rivero,

The reports emanating from the Middle East that some 1200 Israeli citizens working at the World Trade Center failed to show up for work on September 11 have been widely scoffed at. However, an early report that U.S. officials would investigate the allegation has been followed by stone silence. Any investigation should begin by checking the roster of occupants of the WTC for Israeli residents. And, remember, American Jews can become Israeli citizens and maintain their U.S. citizenship.

Eighty-one countries are represented among the dead and missing in the September 11 disaster. So far, not one Israeli citizen has been listed among the victims. Is it possible that the complex of buildings housing the global center of international business, banking and commerce contained no Israeli citizens on September 11, on a working day morning?

Those of us familiar with the Middle East know the Israeli Mossad intelligence organization is considered among the most efficient, the most dedicated and the most ruthless in the world. From the earliest days of the existence of the state of Israel Mossad was given state-sponsored freedom and encouragement to do whatever was necessary to guarantee Israeli security. And that is what Mossad has done all over the world.

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