Thursday 7 November 2002

'War crimes' fear for British troops

Does this mean we could drag Tony "Me So Phony" Blair, Jack "Never Met A War He Didn't Like" Straw and Harriet "My Kids Are Better Than Your Kids" Harman in front of the ICC??? Now THAT would be fun! No wonder they're worried about it! To be honest I'd love to see them in Battle Fatigues leading our troops into battle. That's where they should be!!

If you're a parliamentary journalist and happen to be reading this [well, I can wish can't I! - ewar] then could you possibly ask Mr Blair if he'd be prepared to let his sons join the army and go off to Iraq to fight with the useless weapons we issue our troops...!

The Government is concerned that British servicemen and women involved in any war against Iraq could find themselves facing action from the International Criminal Court, defence sources said yesterday.

This week's attack, by a CIA Predator drone, on a car containing al-Qa'eda terrorists in Yemen has served only to intensify concerns within the Cabinet, which extend to Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon, Defence Secretary. They are both lawyers by training, as is Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary, another key player in the debate. "Lawyer Blair and lawyer Hoon are really worried about this now," one defence source said.

Lord Goldsmith, Attorney General, and Harriet Harman, Solicitor General, have warned the Government that if it attacked Iraq without the backing of a UN Resolution action then it could find itself hauled before the ICC.

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