Friday 8 November 2002

Colonialism 2 - The Return...

Okey dokey, here we have a classic case of Great Power manipulation. The USA wants everyone to accept the fact that it can do whatever the hell it likes just because it's got a humungous nuclearsteroidviagra-laden military bogeyperson and the right-wing, neo-fascist, quasi-cardassian-totalitarianist political weenies prepared to push the proverbial button. They want us to LIKE the fact that they are going to tell everyone else in the world to simply grin and bear it because those other leaders in that other country are soooo bad and evil and nasty! They're trying to convince us that they're doing it because they're loved-up DJ's and want to spread harmony throughout the world, honest...

As much as I HATE what Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe I can't abide the USA using hypocrisy, propaganda and seeming good intentions to effectively do what they're doing to Iraq. Same kinda "evildoer", different choice of weapon. I'm not saying that Zimbabwe doesn't need some serious intervention by someone who actually CARES about the Zimbabwean people (and Africans generally!) I'm just saying that this US administration isn't it, none of us white-folks are. Do you really think Dick Cheney is the least bit interested in the Zimbabwean people???? If you do, then I suggest you go to the codshit archive and read everything there, then come back and we'll talk.

racist nazi bigot I love Africa with all my heart, I've lived in that part of the world and it pains me to see what's happening to it, but we have to accept that these problems are of Western civilisation's making. Africans were absolutely fine until we got there bangin' on about all the religious mind-control crap that we learned -and don't spout any of the propaganda bull that you learn in school because it's all shyt. Understand this; on a HUMAN level, they were probably more feckin' civilised than Europeans were in the same period of time. Africa is a timeless place where you can see infinity just by loooking out of the window. I was brought up there and I've seen what white arrogance has done to Africa (bad, but there is also some good there). I think we need to just leave them alone and let them figure it out for themselves, if they want help we should offer it but let them decide what they need and then we should provide it, free of charge and without any condition. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past; pull out our administrators (who held the other musungus in check!) and leave things up to the multi-nationals -who turned out to be even MORE rabid than the damn colonials!

The following story just shows you how utterly ignorant and incompetent and above-all VIOLENT this US "administration" is; and, oh look! Things just got worse! Because now they have even more power! I hope you guys realise that with this so-called "election" they've just just turned up the heat under all of our arses.

(USA + election * bush = FARCE)

Something really bad is going down here...

USA To Intervene To Save Zimbabweans?

The US government warned yesterday that it might take "intrusive, interventionist measures" to deliver food aid directly to millions of famine-hit Zimbabweans if President Robert Mugabe continues to starve his political opponents.

Washington is considering measures that would challenge Zimbabwe's sovereignty, the Guardian was told by Mark Bellamy, the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for Africa. Such drastic measures are being studied because the Mugabe regime is aggravating the effects of a region-wide famine by blocking food from areas which support the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), he added.

"We may have to be prepared to take some very intrusive, interventionist measures to ensure aid delivery to Zimbabwe," Mr Bellamy said by telephone from Washington.

The plan was disclosed in the Zimbabwean state-owned Herald newspaper under the headline "US plans to invade Harare".

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