Saturday 23 November 2002

Terrorism: Fascism's best, most loyal, helpmate in ending democracy

It's interesting how history seems to be repeating itself; lies, brutality, economic slavery and mass-murder. Just so that some bunch of rich, fat, plutocrats can make even more money and gain even more power than they already have. They want to use their technology to enslave the population without us even knowing about it.

If you think I'm lying or telling porkies then you really need to get your head out of your arse once in a while and look around at what the world is becoming. Forget about absorbing all the mainstream crap, sorry "news" that the system would have you swallow and do some research for yourself. Don't trust me or anyone else to tell you what the "truth" is, you must come to your own conclusions. Our "leaders" are not the benevolent father-figures that they would have us believe they are. They are corrupt, greedy, selfish, power-hungry (and in a lot of cases plain crazy) individuals, who care not what happens to the majority of us. As long as they live in their Ivory Towers isolated from the rest of us by virtue of their wealth they will trample, kill, rape or enslave as many people as they need to to further their own insatiable lust for power.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Can a nation with a history of home grown terrorism, used even to "influence" elections, claim to be "pro-democracy"? No!

Racism in the United States, like no other industrial nation, is rampant, and the "pro-democracy" mantle appears to be a mere strategic cover. The crime of 9/11, however, exposed our international policy to many who had not before seen it clearly for what it is: imperialism. And, another big piece of the mask fell off in the 2002 elections.

Sad to say, U.S. history is marred with state-sponsored terrorism against our Black and Hispanic brothers and sisters, and other minorities. Even sadder, instead of addressing the issues of racism, sexism, classism—which many now realize are not only the roots of most terrorism worldwide, but also the root causes of most of our domestic social problems, including those in education, health, crime, poverty, homelessness, incarceration, capital punishment, family violence and dissolution, and so on—big money continues to sabotage democratic processes at every turn, in ever more devious ways.

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