Saturday 23 November 2002

The Men Behind Hitler

A really good illustration of how modern wars are social engineering by the elite on a global scale. They use wars to destroy societies in order that they may use the resulting chaos to usher in their "New World Order". The same is happening today in Iraq and elsewhere with this absurd and morally bankrupt "war on terror". I bet if you followed the money trail now you'd find the same controlling influences behing this "war" as were behind WW1, WW2 and just about every other major war going back at least a few hundred years, if not more. They are also the ones who funded Bush the failed and incompetant business man, they are also the ones who annointed Tony Blair when the British conservatives defied them over the single European currency. Look at history, the name "Tony Blair" didn't become a truely house-hold one until after his inauguration into the Bilderberg meetings in the early nineties.

These plutocrats are never the ones who sacrifice their sons and they are always the only ones who profit from war. It is we, the people, who will have to pay the price in blood for their megalomaniacal desires. They wish to blind us to the truth because only the full force of humanity can avert the coming firestorm. As long as they can say that those of use who oppose their insanity are "terrorists" or "conspiracy theorists" or "crack-pots" then they can dupe the rest of the population into laying down their lives for the "New World Order".

During the war the name of Eugenics became even more heavily associated with the Nazis and consequently afterwards a whitewashing procedure began, the first step of which was the reconstitution of the various National Councils of Mental Hygiene. The first to be re-founded was the British National Association for Mental Health. But before we go into detail on this a bit of history is important.

Montagu Norman had been Governor of the Bank of England for many years. He and his right hand man Otto Niemeyer (of German origin) had persistently backed the re-arming of Germany made loans to Germany and encouraged the financiers of the City of London to do the same. Norman supported and financed Germany's cause right up until the Declaration of War.

When German troops crashed into Czechoslovakia in September 1938 Germany claimed Czech assets. They applied through the Bank for International Settlements, of which Norman was a Director, for the release of Czech gold held in the Bank of England.

The financial tomfoolery that followed would leave anyone confused, but the outcome was that £6,000,000 worth of Czech gold was transferred to Hitler's Government, released by Norman.

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