Wednesday 27 November 2002

The Suppression of Knowledge

Seeing as how it's basically the Christian fundamentalists who are pushing hardest for the "Crusade" against "terrorism" I thought it would be appropriate to lay bare a few FACTS that might unsettle some of you. I don't mean to cause offence but it's high time you Christian folk opened your eyes and unchained your minds, you are being lied to on a gigantic scale in an effort to keep you subservient to the system. The bible is used to blind you to the truth -- that you are a slave.

Arthur Findlay "If we weigh up the comfort and consolation Christianity gave to the ignorant multitude against the mountain of misery which was caused by its loosely defined and unethical beliefs, we realise more than ever the tragedy which came upon humanity when Greek philosophy and the enlightened Roman educational system were liquidated by the Christian Church in the 5th century, and the old Paganism, under the Christian name, was tightly fastened on Europe." ::: Arthur Findlay 'The Curse of Ignorance' 1947.

The wonders that science has revealed about the Cosmos over the past 150 years are far greater than anything that came from the imaginations of our ignorant ancestors.

The nuclear physicists, the astronomers, the naturalists and the so-called psychical researchers are now one. Together they will eventually change the way people think and behave throughout the world. They will agree that reality also exists beyond our five physical senses.

These recent scientific discoveries show that all the world's religions came about as a result of our ancestors misunderstanding and therefore misinterpreting natural scientific phenomena, nearly always with disastrous consequences.

Paradoxically, Jesus comes out of this report with colours flying, as one of the many outstanding people who have tried to place mankind on the path of righteousness.

To mislead people when the motive is pure is forgivable and excusable. To deliberately mislead people, after gaining knowledge, is unforgivable and inexcusable.

There is no greater crime in the cosmos than to deliberately indoctrinate young trusting minds with false teachings for selfish ends. From this one crime stems all crime. The perpetrators of this evil deed will pay a terrible price when they pass from this world...

There is no such thing as the Christian Religion. The whole edifice is a priestly invention. Scholars have failed completely to find one iota of original thought. Every single item was copied from much older religions and philosophies.

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