Wednesday, 27 November 2002

The 9/11 Disaster: The Myth and Reality

This is a long but nonetheless brilliant piece of work, well worth printing and reading. The author seems to have some pretty highly placed sources but who knows if they're for real or not...

As with EVERYTHING else, you must make up your own mind :-)

by Brian Desborough

"The South Tower's Collapsing!"

The startled exclamation of the television news anchor was echoed by hundreds of awed onlookers, as they fled for their lives from the vicinity of New York’s World Trade Center Site. In the aftermath of the disaster, the global economic collapse was accelerated, rescue workers contracted a mysterious illness (probably radiation sickness) and millions of well-meaning, but incredibly illinformed American citizens displayed the Stars and Stripes as a gesture of patriotic solidarity.

The claim made by the United states Government and the corrupt mainstream news media, that the disaster was perpetrated by the bin Laden terrorist group, is provably false.

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