Friday 15 November 2002

The 'Satanic' Brotherhood with clergymen in its ranks

Big shout out to the Archbishop for this one, I may not subscribe to his religion but this guy definitely has his head screwed on properly... I wonder how long it'll be until he has an "accident"...?

Freemasonry describes itself on its website as the "UK's largest secular, fraternal, and charitable organisation". So why does the new Archbishop of Canterbury think it is a secret society with dubious spiritual credentials?

And why does Dr Rowan Williams also believe that Church of England ministers should not belong to the Brotherhood, an organisation he describes as incompatible with Christianity?

His views will be greeted with astonishment by the significant number of senior clergymen and Christians who are members of the 350,000-strong Craft, who have organised a slick media campaign to counter bad publicity.

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