Friday 8 November 2002

Royal Weirdness Part 2: Mr Al Fayed: an apology

I realise that some of you might not think of this as serious news but as fas are the power structures and institutions go, here in the UK it is important. This isn't "just another royal scandal" this one is HUGE, it's the scandal equivalent of a thermonuclear weapon. How much more weird is this going to get??? Now we have the Guardian of all papers running the following article... Something is happening here, I get the impression that most of it is under the surface, iceberg style. Who knows what it is but I think it's pretty serious. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears because I can't figure this one out.

There are clearly two (or more) factions within the Royal Household, plus we have all of the "men in grey suits" the Royal bureaucrats as it were, this stuff goes back a long time too because Diana's family were close confidants of the Stuart Dynasty hundreds of years ago. There are those who view the Winsdor (Saxe-Coburg-Goethe) Dynasty as usurpers to the throne. I don't know who or what to believe anymore... First everyone was portraying Mr al Fayed as a less-than-sane person, now this "apology" is appearing the Guardian newspaper.

I'm confused! In the words of Homer Simpson, "Help me Jebus!".

Of all the unlikely and unpleasant people claiming attention in the wake of royal butler Paul Burrell's revelations, who would have thought Mohamed Al Fayed might emerge as vaguely plausible? But his conspiracy theories have certainly received a boost.

This is in part because of the warning Burrell claims to have had from the Queen that "there are powers at work about which we know nothing". This could be taken as a reference to the security services which Princess Diana apparently believed had her under close and hostile surveillance for the last years of her life. But the real boost to conspiracy theorists comes from Burrell's revelations about Diana's relations with Muslim men and the reaction of those around her.

Burrell has revealed the extent and seriousness of Diana's relationship with the Pakistan-born doctor, Hasnat Khan, and her desire to have his child. He also claims that the relationship with Dodi Fayed was entrancing enough for her to have considered moving to his Los Angeles home. More revealingly, he has exposed how the peculiar world of the aristocracy reacted. Diana was no longer speaking to her mother at the time of her death after Frances Shand Kydd screamed abuse at her for her relationship with "Muslim males". The content of Prince Philip's letters, which were in the missing box of crucial material, is currently unknown. Given his track record on remarks about foreigners, "slitty eyed" and otherwise, it is tempting to speculate...

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