Monday 18 November 2002

Rockefellers, CIA, Knights of Malta - Same Names - Same Bullshit

by voxfux

One by one our most established institutions fall suspect and we become engaged in conflicts, not of our choosing. And throughout it all, the same names keep popping up - The Knights of Malta, The CIA, The Rockefellers, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderburg group, The Trilateral Commission.

It is with complete accuracy to state that these organizations do not exist to support the hopes and aspirations of the free democratic people of the world. No, what these groups are all about is the privledge of the few. These massive undemocratic, unelected and top secret groups are as big as governments and dedicated to one goal. the enrichment of the fortunes of a few families.

But how to explain the complexities of this massive strategy, to joe and jane sixpack. Simple - grab them and cast doubt on everything they, "know." Tell them that they are getting fucked.

People have a knack for knowing when they are getting it hard. Sometimes it takes someone to explain just how hard they are getting it. And then you see people snap out of it, and go, "Ya know, I kinda thought so."

Get them to start questioning the stories - show them some of the facts - as soon as they start questioning the stories, even the dimmest of persons are able to catch glimpses of this dark "control through deception" scheme. Once they catch their first glimpse at the big lie that is attempting to lure them in, they are free. For once you catch a glimpse of the truth, your taste for it becomes ovewhelming - You want more.

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