Thursday 7 November 2002

Republican Party says it's ready to roll...

Isn't this just great, now we have more of those greedy, self-serving, war-mongering and generally horrible right-wing NUTTER politicians who seem intent on leading the US to economic, environmental and military disaster.

Democracy in America died yesterday.

No longer constrained by Democratic control of the Senate, Republican leaders offered an ambitious domestic agenda Wednesday that includes new tax cuts, drilling for oil in the Alaska wilderness and a new push for conservative judges.

Though President Bush remained out of public view as a matter of post- election "graciousness," according to his spokesman, aides said he views the victories as a grand opportunity to enact the "compassionate conservative" proposals that were the bedrock of his first six months in office.

"There's no question that last night's results increased the likelihood of getting things done for the American people," said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer. "There are so many initiatives that could have and should have been done in the last Congress that got bottled up and stopped, that now have a much stronger chance of getting done."

Democrats vowed to stand in the way of the most objectionable proposals, but conceded that the party is in for a difficult period where its own initiatives will have difficulty getting a hearing -- and its ability to block GOP proposals will be diminished.

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