Sunday 24 November 2002

Possible US Backed Bombing in Thailand Coming Soon

This appeared not so long ago but it's still relevant, I don't know where vox gets his (or her!) information from but I do know that he (or she) has a great way of predicting things that might happen, the Wellstone assasination was one of those predictions that came scarily true, who knows if it'll be Thailand next or not but I think we're definitely due another "terrorist" attack!

Scary stuff...

by voxfux

The clandestine western forces crusading against Islam and the world, cannot resist attempts at incursions into the peaceful Buddhist nations. It's too, “easy pickings” - peaceful, passive. And strategically vital. They most assuredly have in place Bombs and Ready made patsies, some local enraged Islamic group (no shortage there) It's like taking candy from a baby. And that I believe is too irresistible for this criminal gang who is spreading fear and anxiety through the entire planet. The most natural target will be Bangkok, Thailand. The lure of Illicit sex alone is enough to get these viagra filled revitalized geezers going. Their memories of Thai brothels during the Vietnam war is too great for them and want it again.

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