Sunday 24 November 2002

Conspiracy Theories Grow Over Killing of Israeli Leader

The anniversary of the death of this brilliant person has been and gone, however this post is still appropriate. As with many significant events in recent "history" I've never believed the official line on this one; any time you have a "lone gunman" scenario in a political assasination it makes the whole affair smell like a large pile of rotting, diseased rhino dung. Yigal Amir was funded, supported and encouraged by a bunch of ultra-ultra-right-wing orthodox nutters who have as their ultimate goal the removal of anyone that isn't a Jew from Israel/Palestine. One also gets the distinct impression that if these violent head-cases could exterminate all of the goyim alive then they'd be quite happy for that to happen.

Israel (and the world generally) started going slowly down the toilet when Rabin was assasinated, he was a great and courageous man who was murdered in cold blood for wanting peace and not seeking to create "Eretz Israel", it's as simple and as scary as that. Ariel Sharon has deliberately provoked and enflamed the tensions down there since at least September 2000 and I am convinced that "The Butcher of Sabra and Shatilla" doesn't even have the word "peace" in his vocabulary!

Don't forget that it wasn't a Palestinian suicide bomber who slaughtered Rabin, it was one of his own, one of the "chosen" people. Some even think that it was our old friends the Mossad who were responsible. Certainly if you read the books by Victor Ostrovsky you realise that Rabin was not friend of the Mossad, unlike Ariel "The Butcher" Sharon of course.

Israelis preparing to observe an official day of mourning Nov. 12 for the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, shot two years ago at a peace rally in Tel Aviv, seem equally preoccupied with unearthing details about the assassination, which shook this nation like no other event in its short history.

In addition to memorial ceremonies, the government releases Nov. 12 previously unpublished findings of a commission that investigated the Nov. 4, 1995, assassination. According to Israeli media reports, government officials who have read the Shamgar Commission report say the document reveals that an agent of the government security service, Shin Bet, urged the killer to shoot Mr. Rabin.

But now, the climate of blame seems likely to reach new heights as people who have been propagating conspiracy theories since Rabin's death have more fodder for arguments that the Nobel Peace Prize-winner was the victim of a government plot.

In fact, it is the conspiracy theorists who have pushed the Rabin investigation to the fore. Until two weeks ago, they were little more than fringe pamphleteers who made the lecture circuit in far right-wing circles. That was until the country became captivated by the suggestion that a government plot may be more than wild imaginings.

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