Tuesday 19 November 2002

Official 9/11 commission set to ignore Israeli connection

In the months prior to 9/11 a flurry of activity by Israeli intelligence agents in the U.S. signaled that something big was going on – but the FBI, the CIA, and the myriad of federal agencies charged with protecting this country from terrorism hadn't a clue. Now, why is that?

The answer is hidden in the fog of prevarications, obfuscation, and lame excuses cooked up by our government to explain the unexplainable: how and why did a conspiracy years in the making elude the intelligence chieftains of the American security apparatus? Now the U.S. government, under tremendous pressure from the families of the victims of 9/11, has yielded and agreed to an inquiry into why and how 9/11 happened.

Let the cover-up begin!

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