Saturday 12 October 2002

Torpedo Attack on MV Limburg Causes Panic in Washington

"Invade Iraq And We'll Sink Your Tanker Fleet!"

by Joe Vialls

Using the best principles of unconventional warfare, someone has just warned America that if the Zionists attack the Middle East, they in turn [ whoever they are] will make damn sure that the pillaged oil never reaches America. Never mind defending the Strait of Hormuz or the Bab el Mandeb you fools, how do you think you going to get the stolen crude oil back to north America?

Supertankers have no defensive systems, are completely vulnerable to attack, and thus can be picked off by a single submarine anywhere along the incredibly long route from the Middle East to America. There is no way that US warships could escort or protect ten-percent of the tanker fleet.

Even a vague knowledge of the Battle of the Atlantic during the Second World War should be enough to convince you of this. Thousands of ships went to the bottom at the hands of submarines, many of them while being actively escorted by Destroyers and Frigates.

If the sub that attacked the Limburg is operating alone, it is still capable of sinking five large supertankers all by itself. It seems more likely however, that the sub is only one of an entire wolf pack belonging to a major nation, which means in turn that America can be denied oil and other essential imports as often and for as long as required in the future.

Some people looking at the pictures at the top of the page, will doubtless be tempted to slag me off, and claim I don’t know what I’m talking about. Surely that hole could have been punched by an internal fuel explosion, a cruise missile, a runaway car, Osama Bin Laden with a rowing boat, or perhaps by an Al Qaeda terrorist standing on tiptoe with a hand grenade?

I have to admit I cheated a bit at the top of the page. The picture on the left is the hole blown in the hull of the MV Limburg last Sunday, but the picture on the right is of torpedo damage inflicted on the USS Liberty, an unarmed intelligence ship in international attacked by the Jewish State in 1967, killing 35 men and wounding 171. Please note from the enlarged photos below that the torpedo damage to the Limburg and Liberty is uncannily similar.

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