Sunday 13 October 2002

Please Support the Firefighters 30K Campaign

Their website has been down for a bit because of over-hitting, but they're back now; better than ever! salutes the tireless work of these brave heroes

It applies not just to the fire crews, but to teachers, nurses, police, ambulence people, paramedics, life-boat crews, social workers, care workers, single parents and everyone else that works their tits off for the people and feels like the only thing they get in return from the system is a neo-Labour c*ck-shafting!

If you ask me they should be earning a lot more than the lawyers, stock marketeers, CEOs or any of those other Bentley driving exploitationists.


Click here to download the Flyer, copy it and stick em up everywhere! The true value of the job which firefighters and fire control operators are doing now must be reflected in an improved level of pay - not tomorrow but today.

Jeff Ord, Strathclyde's Chief Firemaster and president of Cacfoa (Chief and Assistant chief fire officers association), accused Nick Raynsford, the government minister responsible for the fire service, of "failing firefighters"

Helen Clark Labour MP for Peterbrough said she considers the 4% offer "insulting and derisory"

Greater Manchester CFO Barry Dixon when asked if in his personal opinion Firefighters were worth £30k he said that "he believed that Fire fighters were worth every penny of £30k"

Chief and Assistant Chief Fire Officers' Association president Richard Bull, writing in the December issue of Fire magazine, acknowledges that:
“The weekly pay levels of a firefighter today certainly do not bear comparison with those of a police constable (without overtime) or, indeed, other skilled workers”
He continues: “… as we move even more into the agenda of community safety as our primary focus, we will expect our firefighters to be adaptable and flexible, whilst also possessing high levels of interpersonal skills as well as continuing to react to fire and other emergencies.”

The Union is offering a PRIZE for the most exotic/prominent location for this poster so if you love being subversive and exercising your democratic right to protest, then get busy! Let me know if you put one up in a cool place, I'll post it to and tell the Fire Brigade Union about it and you.

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