Tuesday 8 October 2002

A Sobering Exposure of the Carlyle Group

Yes dear codshitters, not only does Mr John Major have the WORST taste in women this side of the galactic rim, he also works for the biggest bunch of war-profiteers as well...!

by Victor Thorn

A few weeks ago, James Baker publicly offered advice to the Bush Administration on how they should proceed with their war on Iraq. What he and every newscaster or commentator failed to mention was that Baker is now employed by the highly-influential Carlyle Group, which is the eleventh largest defense contractor in the United States. In essence, then, we have a man trying to influence public policy while privately employed by a company that has a vested interest in activating America’s War Machine.

If you’re not familiar with them, the Carlyle Group has become a powerhouse in affecting the direction in which our foreign policy takes, especially in regard to war. They accomplish this by hiring former government officials, then investing in private companies that are subject to government change (i.e. the military and telecommunications). Who, you may ask, do they employ to secure their government contracts? Well, check-out this list for starters:

Frank Carlucci – Department of Health, Education and Welfare - 1970’s
Deputy Director, CIA – 1978-81
Deputy Secretary of Defense – 1981-82
National Security Director – 1987-89

George Bush - CIA Director – 1976-77
Vice President of the United States – 1981-89
President of the United States – 1989-93

James Baker - Chief of Staff – 1981-85
Secretary of the Treasury – 1985-89
Secretary of State – 1989-93

Dick Darman - Former White House Budget Chief
William Kennard - Former Head, FCC
Arthur Levitt - Former Head, SEC
John Major - Former Prime Minister, Britain
Fidel Ramos - Former Philippine President
Afsaneh Beschloss - Treasurer & Chief Investment Officer of the World Bank Anand Panyarachum – Former President, Thailand
Karl Otto Pohl - Former President, Bundesbank
Louis Vuitton - French Aerobus Company
Park Tae Joon - Former South Korean Prime Minister
Alwaleed Sin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud – Saudi Arabian Prince
George Soros - New World Order/Bilderberg luminary & int’l financier
Fred Malek - George Bush Sr’s campaign manager

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