Tuesday 8 October 2002

Bush, Blackmail & Blueprints of the New World Empire

by Mishael Mishna

Powerful, multi-headed horned beasts are the apocalyptic depictions of the domineering Empires which ruled the ages in opulent splendor by oppressing the poor. Ancient Hebrew prophets with revelations of distant futures used shadowy symbolism to describe a sequence of predatory Empires, from the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman Empires to the current, our own, the New World Empire, symbolically depicted in John the Apostle's Apocalypse as a promiscuous whore -- a seductive woman riding a many headed, horned, dragonian beast.

That terrible beast of the last Global Empire rides today, rearing its ugly heads in the occult Luciferian fraternities and elites which rule the "NEW WORLD ORDER". Carried high on waves of "masses,” manipulated, deluded people in hedonistic pursuit of bread and circuses, this fearsome Beast is the fallen Leviathan of old. A glittering facade occults a drunken slut who sips the blood of martyrs from a golden goblet as her red and purple veils adorn the strong back of the eleven-headed horned Beast, which will ultimately devour her. 666 is the mark of this Beast, whose symbolic number is eleven - 11.

From Babylon to Bilderberg, the quest for global domination stirs the lust for power at all costs. The blood-drenched torch of the last Beast, the brutal Roman Empire, passed to the Catholic Papacy and the repressive Jesuit Black Pope. The Crusades in pursuit of dominion continue and the ruling elite still ride the back of power in glitzy opulence as they tighten the noose of repression across the neck of the nations. Today, the same Luciferian flame is kept burning bright by covert Euro-American elitist fraternities, especially the occult Order of the Skull and Bones, of which the Bush family are prominent initiates.

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