Tuesday 1 October 2002

"Missing" Pentagon Attack Jet Found At Last!

Please note that the anti-French views of this contributer do not reflect the opinions of codshit.com, we're not anti-anyone -except Phoney Tony and Dubya- the article below contains some useful information so we recommend reading it.

by Joe Vialls

For many months now, certain Frenchmen have been growing very rich by publishing books based on a giant conspiracy which claims that the Pentagon was not hit by American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11th 2001. Instead, the French allege the building was hit either by a much smaller aircraft, or perhaps by a bomb planted inside the Pentagon by its own ”evil” occupants, the United States Military. As I wrote at that time:

"Though I am not surprised by such extraordinary suggestions from a bunch of wine swilling Parisians at the time, I am certainly surprised by the immediate and rampant American response. Within days, hundreds of US bulletin boards and web sites were awash with similar claims. It was an incredibly successful “divide and rule” exercise that pitted American against American, and civilian against soldier. Needless to say, the French were delighted.

"The apparent problem was quite simple. American Airlines Flight 77 was a Boeing 757 twin-jet with a wingspan of 124 feet, but the hole in the Pentagon was less than 124 feet across. Conspiracy heaven! Obviously then, according to those determined to undermine American national security, the attack aircraft was a remotely-controlled F-16 fighter or Martell missile, 'almost certainly' guided to its American military target by a crazed four-star American general buried deep inside Cheyenne Mountain at NORAD headquarters."

The main problem was that the US Administration had confiscated the CCTV cameras from a local Washington hotel and service station, leaving only eyewitnesses to report on actual events as they unfolded, and we all know how eyewitness testimony alone can be gradually undermined and destroyed, if such destruction serves a particular geopolitical agenda. But were the CCTV cameras the only source of pictures?

Logic dictated that there would be other pictures of the attack aircraft somewhere else, because the Pentagon was attacked a considerable time after the first strike on the World Trade Center, resulting in just about every media network camera in America nervously scanning the skies for other likely "missiles" by the time American Flight 77 arrived overhead Washington, DC.

This was indeed the case, but actually finding the photographs proved to be a giant task. As all readers are aware, live television footage on the day was shown in a completely random fashion by a number of different networks, most of whom intermittently used footage drawn from third-party sources. None of this footage carried a date or time clock on the screen, with most being cobbled together on the run. By late on September 12th I had about eight hours of mixed "live" VHS tape from three different Australian networks, which I threw into a cupboard for safe keeping on the off-chance it might be needed later.

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