Tuesday 1 October 2002

The Bank of England

The BoE deserves some attention because of the legalised system of exploitation which it represents. The plutocrats create money out of thin air and then loan it to the government, our taxes are the collateral on the loan. In case you're wondering the Bank of England is a PRIVATE BANK, it is not owned or run by the government; it has shareholders (Rothschilds etc).

If you're looking for Evil in our society then the Bank of England is a good place to start!

Forget joining the Euro while it is part of the same evil system, I'm all for a single currency but an INTEREST FREE single currency not based on the corrupt and legalised thievery which is the "fractional reserve" banking system. It's a system designed to keep wealth, power and privilege in the hands of an elite bunch of inbred Establishmentarians who should all have been lined up against a wall and shot years ago.

They get away with it because the general populace is a bunch of largely illiterate peasants who have deliberately been kept mis-informed by the plutocrat-controlled media. It's all a deliberate scam intended to benefit only those at the top of the pile. We are encouraged into debt and the intent of the bankers is that once we're in it, we can never get out.

They bought our parliament 300-odd years ago, deposed our rightful (and POPULAR) "constitutional" monarchy, imposed their own "parliamentary" monarchy through a Dutch usurper and then a few years laters instituted the concept of an eternal "National Debt"; the debt which the country owes as a whole. It is a debt that will never be repaid (and was never intended to be) but which our taxes are used to pay the interest on year after year. Put simply, we pay taxes so that the bankers can rake in interest payments for money they loaned to the government but don't actually have, and to rub salt into the wound, the government even prints the bloody notes for them!


An Introduction to the Bank of England

Our current banking system and method of issuing currency is the greatest manipulation and method of enslavement devised in our material world. This process was patterned on procedures developed in banks in Amsterdam and Hamburg, but also found in ancient Babylon. Later, English rulers and merchants used these same processes in creating the Bank of England in 1694. In addition, there was a philosophy introduced with the purpose of a debt in perpetuity for the citizens of England. A national debt that citizens are never able to pay off.

There are many individuals who focus on blaming the Jewish banking powers as the sole creators of currency creation and usury. No doubt a Jewish element had used these practices but they were not involved in creating the Bank of England. I consider this blaming of Jewish bankers, a red herring to divert culpability from the Crown of England in creating and sustaining these processes during the last three centuries. These processes have now expanded world wide.

Let us review some of the facts involved in the creation of The Bank of England:

In 1693, William Paterson proposed that the "Bank of England" be based on the idea of a "Fund of Perpetual Interest" which creates a permanent National Debt. Backers of Paterson’s idea were impressive. The spokesman was Michael Godfrey, a merchant of great substance. Other supporters were members of the leading City Livery Companies. Many were Members of Parliament and many were directly associated with the government of the City. Of the first twenty six members of the Court of Directors, six subsequently became Lord Mayor. All were solid in their support of the "Glorious Revolution" which was Protestants versus Catholics. All were Protestants.

The promoters had in mind a bank of issue which involved creating their own currency. They had long known that the most profitable source of income to the Goldsmith-Bankers were in their own "notes", which passed from hand to hand in the limited area where they were recognized. It would greatly enhance profits for a bank, if they could issue notes which would be recognized and accepted over an area far wider than any that the goldsmiths could command.

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