Thursday 17 October 2002

Bali Bombing Update

Don't allow yourselves to be blinded by the grief, you are being used to justify fascism. The pollies will use this as an excuse to clamp down even more. The War on Terrorism should be renamed The War on Truth!

No, The Indonesian Air Force didn't do it, and no they didn't find traces of C4...

by Joe Vialls

Desperate to deflect attention away from the micro-nuke outside the Sari Club, Australian officials and journalists have been frantically peddling stories about an Indonesian Air Force lieutentant colonel “confessing” to making the bomb which exploded on Saturday night. They are also claiming that traces of the powerful American explosive Composition 4 [C4] have been found at the “scene of the attack”. Both claims are fatally flawed and deliberately misleading.

Former Indonesian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dedi Masrukhin was interviewed two days after the blast, but did not “confess” and would be incapable of manufacturing even a standard chemical bomb. Discharged from the service two years ago for drug abuse, Masrukhin was an armaments officer tasked only with handling ordnance and fitting it to military aircraft. That is all. After his brief interview with investigators, Lieutenant Colonel Masrukhin was allowed to return home unhindered.

The explosive residue detected by Indonesian investigators was not C4, and it was not found at the site of the massive explosion outside the Sari Club. What investigators actually found were traces of RDX explosive in the immediate vicinity of the “decoy” blast, triggered further down the street at Paddy’s Bar several seconds before the primary critical charge was initiated outside the Sari Club.

Bearing in mind the sheer magnitude of the operation, there is every chance this synchronized decoy blast [along with another radio-detonated outside the American Consulate at the same time], was designed specifically to provide “forensic evidence” of conventional weapons being used in the attack.

Remember both decoys were deliberately detonated several seconds BEFORE the primary charge, ensuring that investigators would be led in the “right” direction when conducting their inquiries after the event If the two decoys had been triggered AFTER the massive blast outside the Sari Club, nobody would have noticed them.

Before explosives “junkies” swarm all over me, yes I do know that RDX is one of the compounds used in the manufacture of C4 plastic explosive, but it is used far more widely in other explosives including [but not limited to] Compositions A and B, Cyclotol and HBX. These compositions have wide ranging applications such as land mines, shaped-charges, missile warheads, underwater ordnance, and special fragmentation projectiles generally known as cluster bombs.

During the last few hours, Australian officials say they fear that "as many as 89 more Australians may have perished in the blast". Let us be optomistic here and half that figure down to 45 more dead Australians, over and above the bodies that have already been discovered and removed from Ground Zero.

Now ask yourself what class of weapon has the ability to literally vaporize forty-five full grown human beings, to the point where the remaining body parts as so small they cannot be detected by search and rescue crews with the naked eye. Believe me, there is only one class of weapon capable of developing the intense heat and blast pattern needed for the job.

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