Monday 23 September 2002

Witness: Palestinian's Death Unjust

Anyone care to place a gentlemanly wager on this ending with -at most- a slap on the wrist for some poor soldier!?! When you have a war criminal for Prime Minister how can you reasonably expect front-line troops to behave with any common human decency?

British Witness Says Troops Killed Palestinian Boy Without Provocation

NABLUS, West Bank Sept. 23 (AP) — A British volunteer working with Palestinians in the West Bank said Monday she witnessed an Israeli soldier shoot dead a Palestinian teen-ager, deliberately and without provocation.

The Israeli military said the death of 13-year-old Baha Albahsh is under investigation. Military officials initially said he set himself alight while handling a fire bomb, but a Palestinian doctor said he was killed by a gunshot in the chest.

Ewa Jasiewics, 24, of London, said Albahsh tagged along with her group as usual on Sunday as the foreigners walked in the town of Nablus to observe Israeli troops' behavior toward youngsters breaking a military curfew to get to school.

She is an activist with the International Solidarity Movement, which regularly stages protest marches against the Israeli army and has tried to act as a human shield for Palestinians, both on the streets and in standoffs with troops at Yasser Arafat's West Bank headquarters and at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity.

"An armored personnel car came and stopped on the left of the street," Jasiewics said. "A soldier popped up from inside. I saw him with his rifle and he aimed at some kids on the street. There was no stone-throwing or shooting going on at the time."

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