Monday 23 September 2002


War-Mongers, Death-Merchants, & Killers: America's War Machine and the Carlyle Group (part one)
by Victor Thorn

Before beginning this article, I’d like to make it perfectly clear that I am not an anti-war peacenik that bows to the altar of pacifism. Instead, I take the stance that if any person’s family, country, house, or personal being is attacked, they should come out shooting, throwing fists, or dropping bombs. If they don’t, that person or nation will get bowled-over day after day with little hope of survival or respect.

With this in mind, I’d also like to note that there are people and leaders in this world that are evil to the core, and counterproductive to humanity as a whole. When these figures threaten us or our sovereignty, they should be dealt with in the harshest terms possible. When viewed in this light, why should we excuse a group of bloodthirsty hit-men from thrusting the United States into another war for the sheer sake of making huge profits for their respective companies, or for furthering the aims of the New World Order Controllers? If the following men have their way, the titles beside their names will ring true with frightening clarity. Why? Because America’s War Machine is gearing up once again to feed its bloodlust and greed, and the men below are responsible for lighting its fuse...