Sunday 22 September 2002

the UP!

A word to all American rednecks who still think America helps the world

Click the image to enlarge it Contrary to what I’ve published before regarding America's so-called “coming to Britain’s rescue in the 2nd world war”, not only did America avoid coming to Britain's aid until pearl harbour, but i just found out this week that what actually drew them formally into the war was that, 4 days after pearl harbour…

Germany declared war on America!!

It looks, bud, like Germany was standing “shoulder to shoulder” with it’s ally.

Add to this that Britain only made its last payment this year on that other great support you gave us after the war the Marshall plan.

George bush, have you no shame, you whose family fortunes were really starting to take off during the war until your grandfather was busted (3 times) for “trading with the enemy”?!

Listen, just forget it, ok? Only don’t go dropping your ‘orrible bomms in Europe’s backyard, right matey?!

DE-SCHOOLING // the UP! // sept 20 2002