Sunday 22 September 2002

"Totally Unjustified"

It's always soldiers who understand the truth of war, it's always the politicians (most of whom personally avoided going into war like the plague) who are the ones banging the war drums. The worthless warmongering rulers are always the ones who are eager to send other people's kids off to die, but will go to great lengths to protect their own blessed offspring. As you can see from the link above, some of the excuses they have given are priceless.

UK Gulf War General Says Iraq Invasion 'Totally Unjustified'

The officer who commanded the British 7th Armoured Brigade in the Gulf War has revealed that he is strongly opposed to a military invasion of Iraq.

Maj Gen Patrick Cordingley, who commanded the brigade - the renowned Desert Rats - in 1991, believes that Iraq poses no imminent threat to Britain or its interests and that "the case for war has not yet been made by the politicians".

Gen Cordingley told The Telegraph: "I'm absolutely opposed to a war. I feel very strongly that it is wrong. There is no justification for sending British troops to Iraq."

He doubted that the dossier of evidence against the Iraqi regime - to be released by Tony Blair on Tuesday - would prove the case for war. "I don't think they have much, frankly," he said.

It is understood that Gen Cordingley also has grave concerns about the number of casualties that could result from having to fight all the way to Baghdad.

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