Thursday 19 September 2002

"T" Stands For "Torture" In The Brave New Gulag Archipelago

An update I posted yesterday from Joe Vialls regarding the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman murders I'm keeping it current in the blog because it's an important piece. Think about this for a moment; why on earth would a British person who knows the country CHOOSE to dump the bodies of two girls he'd just murdered right near a USAF base?? After the Ian Brady and Myra Hindley "Moors Murder" case surely even your neighbour's dog knows that the best thing to do is to drive up to a moorland somewhere, dig a shallow grave and dump the bodies; everyone I've asked says the same thing. The more you look at it, the more what we are being told officially just doesn't make any sense. Maybe the two officers that have been accused of kiddie porn have been digging in the wrong places and were arrested to ensure their silence...?

by Joe Vialls

The illegal return of murder suspect Ian Huntley to secure psychiatric prison for another 28 days of drugs and "truth therapy", highlights the reintroduction of Witch Trials and Inquisitions in the "War on Terror". There is a precedent for Huntley's psychiatric abuse. During 1996, Australian remand prisoner Martin Bryant was held in illegal strict solitary confinement for 150 days, and "helped" by psychiatrists and psychologists until he finally pleaded guilty to the Port Arthur massacre. At no time did Australian police ever try to corroborate Bryant's false "guilty" pleas.

Ian Huntley, who stands accused of the murder of British ten-year-old girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, was rushed from Rampton high-security psychiatric prison to a court at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire at noon on 10 September 2002. Having run the gauntlet of the obligatory media hate mob pre-positioned outside in the street, Huntley was rapidly processed through the Magistrates Court to the [higher] Crown Court in less that one hour, an all time record for the British legal system which normally allows eight days for this process.

Once in the Crown Court, Huntley was charged with attempted “Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”, for allegedly lying to police during their investigations. Having been charged with this further startling offence, Ian Huntley was immediately remanded back to Rampton high security psychiatric prison for a further 28 days of psychiatric evaluation.

Not one single British newspaper or television network tried to explain this extraordinary move to the public, though some of the brighter reporters did note a change in Huntley himself, who has been completely at the mercy of the shrinks in Rampton Gulag since 20 August: “Huntley looked gaunt and has lost weight since his arrest just over three weeks ago. His face is spotty and he has grey steaks in his hair. He is a shadow of the stocky man who appeared on TV a month ago to say he was one of the last people to see the girls alive.” The ways in which Huntley has been psychologically tortured to bring about these dramatic changes in his appearance, will be explained in detail later in this report.

By using the Crown Court in this deplorable way to bring a further charge against Huntley, police have actually revealed plenty about their lack of progress in the case. If the shrinks had been able to force a false confession out of Ian Huntley, the police would have visited Rampton in a flash, obtained his signature and sent him to Wormwood Scrubs Prison for life. You see, under British law if a suspect pleads “guilty” there is no need for a trial. Such a result would be very useful in a politically supercharged case like this, where the naked bodies of the two little girls were actually found close to the boundary fence of the controversial USAF base at Lakenheath.

Technically speaking, the police and courts have also erred seriously in law. When Ian Huntley was first committed to Rampton on 20 September 2002 under the Mental Health Act 1983, it was for the express and sole purpose of evaluating whether or not he was psychologically fit to plead. The police “investigation” was thus completely suspended at that precise point in time. If police considered that Huntley had lied to them during their earlier investigation, they should have charged him with conspiracy when they charged him with murder. Period.

Full report from Vialls Investigations

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