Thursday 19 September 2002

Bush Must Say 'No' To Israeli Nuclear Blackmail

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

I am warning President George W. Bush and European leaders: If weapons inspectors return to Iraq and an otherwise-certain Iraq-centered new Middle East war by the U.S. is thus averted, the governments of the United States and Western Europe must be prepared to forcefully intervene, to prevent an increasingly more desperate and psychotic Ariel Sharon's nuclear-armed regime in Israel, the world's third-ranking strategic nuclear-weapons power, from blowing up the entire Middle East region, and beyond, with those weapons.

Therefore, I issued the following statement on behalf of my 2004 candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

At an international webcast, before a live audience in Washington on Sept. 11, 2002, I identified three hurdles that had to be overcome to avert an Iraq war that would trigger a perpetual "Clash of Civilizations" religious conflict and a New Dark Age: First, the United Nations Security Council had to become the venue for dealing with the Iraq situation, and a reasonable resolution had to be drafted, that would be agreed to by President Bush, overriding the Sharon-influenced "war party" within his own Administration's senior ranks. Second, the resolution had to be accepted by Iraq's Saddam Hussein, as well as by President Bush. With those two conditions met, LaRouche warned, the gravest, remaining danger to overcome would be a berserker move by Sharon in Israel to sabotage the peaceful resolution and blow up the region.

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