Friday 6 September 2002

It's nice... But it shouldn't be!

If you hate marmite, read an interesting NON-MARMITE article instead of reading this because it'll make you throw up!

Ok, possibly the weirdest recipe for a snack in the whole world (if you have one weirder that's as nice, email Ewar!) you won't believe it and you'll think that I'm as mad as a loon but TRY IT and TRUST ME, if you like Marmite, this is up your street mate, honest!

1 x Slice of Bread
1 x Jar of Marmite
1 x Jar of ORGANIC whole earth peanut butter
1 x slice of Gouda (DUTCH) cheese

Toast the bread, spread butter on it, add a layer of marmite (to taste), spread the peanut butter on it, add some slices of Gouda and toast under the grill. It sounds inordinately odd but it's yummy!