Friday 6 September 2002

Former British agent blows lid off of government-sanctioned terrorism

The army asked me to make bombs for the IRA, told me I had the Prime Minister's blessing ... then tried to kill me Is Blair about to uncork a stages provocation in England to manufacture support for the Iraq war?

Kevin Fulton is very clear about where the orders were coming from. 'I was told that this was sanctioned right at the top,' he says, sipping a Pepsi in the bar of a Glasgow hotel. 'I was told 'there'll be no medals for this, and no recognition, but this goes the whole way to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister knows what you are doing.'

This was 1980, and if Margaret Thatcher knew about the activities of military intelligence agents such as Fulton, then she was also aware her own military officers were planning to infiltrate British soldiers as 'moles' into the IRA. These moles were ordered by their handlers to carry out terrorist crimes in order to keep their cover within the Provos so they could feed information on other leading republicans back to security forces.

For almost two years the Sunday Herald has been investigating the activities of the FRU -- the Force Research Unit, an ultra-secret wing of British military intelligence. Fulton worked for the FRU for much of his career as an IRA mole. This unit, which has been under investigation by Scotland Yard commissioner Sir John Stevens for more than a decade, was involved in the murder of civilians in Northern Ireland.
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Rogue British agents name MI5 bosses in video expose British Security Forces CREATED terrorist bombing campaign to scare British people into support of policy in Ireland.