Tuesday 10 September 2002

EU 'has used September 11 to curb dissent'

Just in case you thought it was only the American people that had to suffer. They're doing it here too! We're in this together people; anyone who doesn't want to end up with a chip in their head or a camera in their lounge has to speak up now! Make your voice heard, phone your MP, write a blog, surf the Internet and tell your mates what you find! If we're not careful those fascists in hippy flowers are going to end up trying to control our lives and we'll have given them the power!

Obey! The European Union has taken advantage of September 11 to curb dissent in what amounts to a "war on freedom and democracy", according to a report published yesterday.

The civil liberties group Statewatch said the EU was acquiring draconian powers to harry protesters and carry out surveillance of ordinary citizens, but lacked the normal safeguards to prevent their abuse.

It described the EU's secretive and unaccountable system as a democracy "built on sand".

Among the "avalanche" of new measures since September 11 is a new law extending the definition of terrorism to ordinary political protest.

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