Friday 9 August 2002

US Seeks to Achieve Perpetual Motion With Its War Machine

Scores of people are dying every day, torn to shreds by shrapnel while riding a bus in Israel, plowed over by a bulldozer while sitting down at their breakfast table in Palestinian lands, and blown to pieces by misguided, or ill-advised, missiles while attending a wedding in Afghanistan. Just today three nurses were torn apart by a grenade as they left a chapel in Pakistan.

Proof today that violence and anarchy still reign in Afghanistan was demonstrated today in the form of an explosion that claimed the lives of at least 20 in Jalalabad. Yesterday, armed gunmen stormed an Afghan army post on the outskirts of Kabul, setting off a three-hour gun battle that left 16 people dead. News is constantly surfacing, though it's quickly suppressed, of ambushes on our children as try to enforce law in a war-torn country with no unity or leadership, and no desire for it.

China and Taiwan are at the threshold of violence, as are North and South Korea. Pakistan is always two steps away from nuclear war with India. Violence and suffering is rampant in places like Somalia, Uganda, and Columbia.

And with all this hate, violence, and suffering, we, as the most powerful nation in the world, pursue the destruction of an entity called 'terror'; we search without rest for a man we're not sure is even alive; and we seek to start a war with a country that we just left in shambles little more than a decade ago. . .a country who has lost more than 1 million people, half of which were children younger than 5, to sanctions we imposed.

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