Saturday 10 August 2002

Go Woody!

When George Michael released his controversial record Shoot The Dog about the War on Terror he was instantly torn to pieces by the right-wing gutter press.

They attacked him for being an "anti-9/11 pop pervert coward", said his career was "down the toilet" and generally abused and ridiculed the singer for airing sensible, compassionate views shared by the Daily Mirror and many millions of British people.

The message from these fascist, homophobic bully-boys was clear: "Agree with us or we'll bury you."

So relentless and nasty was their attack that George began to fear he might never return safely to America again - and sales of his record inevitably suffered as a result.

But today he is publicly supported by a powerful new celebrity voice.

Hollywood superstar Woody Harrelson says the ex-Wham! star was "brave and brilliant" to raise doubt over the War on Terror. Woody adds that the Mirror's coverage of the conflict has been "bold, right, amazing".

The problem for the right-wing, slavishly pro-American bully-boys is that Woody is one of their own. An all-American hero who plays macho roles in blockbuster movies.

And he's not gay, either, so they can't even whack him for that.

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