Tuesday 13 August 2002

Thanks Uncle Sam!

American strong-arm tactics to get the world to start eating it's mutant crops, big deal if Americans eat it, I would NOT want that nasty shit contaminating my nshima. Just because a country is poor and hungry doesn't mean to say it doesn't have accept just any old food-aid. Dammit, American policies CAUSED THE FAMINE in the first place by ensuring that through the IMF countries like Zambia have had to implement worthless "development" programmes which have ensured that the countries get even more fucked up! The "Washington Consesus" at work again, don't you just love it! Thank you Uncle Sam!

US comes under attack over GMOs
By Brighton Phiri
THE United States yesterday came under severe attack from Zambians for insisting that government must accept genetically modified foods (GMFs) if it has to be granted a US $50 million loan.
Leading the attack during a government organised debate on GMOs at Lusaka's Mulungushi International Conference Centre, opposition Heritage Party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda asked the US to stop intimidating and threatening Zambians over their donations.

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