Tuesday 13 August 2002

Ariel Sharon, Architect of 9-11?

by Isabel Hilton

Editor's note: Israeli investigative journalist Barry Chamish, author of "Who Killed Yitzak Rabin?" has documented evidence that Ariel Sharon was also behind the murder of Rabin.)

From New Yorker Magazine article, "The Pashtun Code" by Isabel Hilton (Dec. 3, 2001

[Excerpt from interview with Pakistan's General Hamid Gul "credited with setting in motion the events that destroyed the Soviet Union"]

"The September 11th attack was, [General Gul] said, part of a much bigger conspiracy, an attempted coup against the White House. I asked him who was behind it, anticipating as I put the question the answer that would come."

"'Ariel Sharon,' he replied. The Israeli Prime Minister, he said
has been enraged by George W. Bush's being in the White house. Al
Gore was the man who would have done Israel's bidding. General Gul
then listed what he claimed were Isreal's demands: the destruction
of Pakistan's nuclear program,, the disarming of its Arab neighbors,
the recognition of Jerulsalem as Israel's headquarters and a definitive 'no' to a Palestinian state.

These he concluded were the real objectives of the September 11th attacks. "No wonder that Henry Kissinger and Shmon Peres and Netanyahu, all of them are saying, 'America, you have the might. Do it now. Destroy them. Finish them off. It's a crusade against the Cross and the Crescent both. And the inspiration? The same people who inspired the medieval crusades. The Jews."