Friday 5 August 2022

Daily Vlad - 5 August 2022

I'm going to start posting the Daily Vlad on here as well. This all started when I saw that the Russian Embassy in London posts a Good Morning picture every day. I decided to make them more fun and the Daily Vlad was born. They are done for fun and mockery, not for any political reason other than that all governments are filled with useless and annoying cockwombles. So let's kick this off, shall we?

Friday is Pasha the Parrot's exercise day so Vlad took him for a flight around the Savvo-Krypetsky Monastery. Vlad was gratified to see that the monks are continuing their Holy Pogrom against the vile, fascist, blue bird. He is determine to rid Russia of the scourge that is Herr Twitler.