Monday 6 June 2011

Auschwitz Entrance Sign Theft: A Mossad 'Sleeper Cell' Fiasco?

by Trowbridge H. Ford

In today's ongoing world war by subterfuge, misdirection, and stealth, 'false flag' operations are still one of the leading favorites, especially by lesser powers, as they cost little, and carry only slight risks while promising considerable rewards. Their best source is some real or assumed grievance which has resonance with the world at large, like Madrid's apparent sinking of the USS Maine while it was on a good will mission to Cuba during the final days of the Spanish empire - what sparked the Spanish-American war. It put the apparent culprits of a very heinous action in an almost untenable position by, it seems, requiring them to prove that they were not guilty of actions that they seemingly committed. It's like asking a person to prove that he or she is innocent of some terrible felony. While major powers do not usually engage in them as they have enough visible means of power to get done what is wanted or required, lesser ones, especially those like Teddy Roosevelt's imperial-minded America, are their usual practitioners.

The most common 'false flag' operation is the assassination of a figure who is proving a great thorn in the side which commits it, though making it look like it was done by others or self-inflicted. The political assassinations which come to mind are those of troublemakers like Serbia's Zoran Djindjic who sent war criminal Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague - what threatened others like Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his cohorts, especially the Mossad Director Meir Dagan, to a similar fate. Britain's WMD Dr. David Kelly and Sweden Foreign Minister Anna Lindh were also assassinated because they threatened the whole neocon re-designing of the Middle East to suit Israel's essential interests. Kelly threatened to expose the whole, fraudulent basis of the exercise, and Lindh vigorously supported an EU agenda which promised to punish Tel Aviv most seriously for what it was engaged in. Then there were political murders of Holland's Pim Fortuyn and Austria's Jörg Haider because they promoted a much more conservative, inward-looking agenda for the European Union. Even New Zealand's former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark was under the gun because of her wanting to have the Anzac countries opt out of what the Israelis wanted.

These murderous acts should not blind one to others which can accomplish similar results by more conventional means. In Israeli's case, the activities which most readily come to mind are the continuous exploitation of the atrocities committed during The Holocaust, starting over 70 years ago. While one would expect the tragedy to be less often exploited as time passed, it has become more often used because of the increasingly difficult position Israel is placed in. The last, pathetic participants in it are

being hunted down while laws are being enforced which punish those who deny it - what well might soon become sanctions against those who allegedly even think it. And Israeli agents and supporters are increasingly trying to exploit what anti-semites say and do about The Holocaust while attempting to entrap other people who seemingly support such ideas by their attendance of conferences dealing with it, association with people known to be so, and just folks whose hobbies smack seemingly of supporting neo-Nazism. Of course, the Israeli government uses such experience as a pawn when other powers, especially the United States, want its support for some more traditional end.

The case which comes to mind in this regard is Israel's exploiting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's apparent dishonesty about the subject, seemingly inventing it when it suited his election chances. During the height of his campaign to get more benefits for disorientated veterans, he mentioned the mental disorder that his uncle, unlike his grandfather who was also fighting with George Patton's Third Army, had incurred while liberating Auschwitz from the Nazis. To help obtain more medical assistance for current troops who are suffering from post-taumatic stress disorder because of America's increasing wars, the Illinois Senator said to a 2008 Memorial Day celebration in Las Crucas, New Mexico that his uncle was so upset by what he witnessed at Auschwitz that when he returned to the States, he withdrew for six months into the attic of his house to recover from the horror.(1)

While these mistakes were soon corrected by the Obama campaign, they were seized upon by his worst critics, especially those who doubted the legality of his even holding the office. It turned out that this was another example of faulty memory to gain political support, especially amongst Jewish supporters, for what he thought all psychologically crippled veterans deserved but the Americans never reclaimed Auschwitz from the Nazis - the Soviets did in Poland- and it wasn't Obama's uncle, but one of his great uncles, Charles W. Payne, he was referring to. He had been a member of K Company of the 89th Infantry Divisions's 355th Regiment, recruited from Kansas. It helped George Patton's Third Army capture Buchenwald from the Germans. Still, the mistake was no big deal, soon forgotten by most of Obama's critics.(2)

Once he was elected, and had increased his political influence by being declared the Nobel Peace Laureate for 2009, he made a point of visiting the Buckenwald Concentration Camp on his way back from a tour of the increasingly unstable Middle East where his great-uncle had helped secure a part of it from the Germans. Accompanied by German Chanellor Angela Merkel, fellow Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, and Buchenwald survivor Bertrand Herz, the President made a most impassioned speech that the world should never again experience such evil against any people. In doing so, he made clear what his own family had actually done in helping stop The Holocaust.

The trip and its explanation only enticed extreme neo-Nazi and anti-semite James von Brunn to take drastic action five days later. He had been becoming more rabid in his ideas ever since he served in the US Navy during the closing stages of WWII in the Pacific as a PT-boat commander after joining Navy ROTC while going to college at St. Louis's Washington University. Von Brunn thought that he had fought on the wrong side during the war. He took out all his rage about it on Jews and blacks, claiming that they were gaining the benefits that real whites had made sacrifices for. He wrote a book for his enemies, entitled Kill the Best Gentiles. He predicted in 20 to 30 years, the country would be ruled by blacks, and the media would be owned by the money-grabbing Jews. On the 40th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he attempted to make a citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve's board of directors, including Director Paul Volker, while armed with a handgun, claiming that it was just helping the enemies of the white man - what he served six and a half in federal prison for. During the rest of the 20th century, he earned his way by distributing the Liberty Lobby's Spotlight, the infamous white suprematist publication while living in Annapolis, Maryland.

After 9/11, von Brunn became even more paranoid in his attacks, claiming on his website that it was simply an "inside job" to help Jews in the West, and Israelis in the Middle East. He even joined the 9/11 Truth Movement, and when Obama started pulling away from the Democratic pack in the 2008 presidential campaign, he became a Birther, the group which contests his claim of having been born in the United States. When Obama became President, von Brunn espoused the same anti-semitism and hatred of Jews which became so noted for that opponents tried to get Google from posting its URL. It has been suspected by many that JewHate had Israeli backing as it helped divide people to extremes on questions pertaining to them. If it didn't have Mossad support then, von Brunn would soon make it so.

No sooner did von Brunn hear what he considered self-serving propaganda in the black President's Buchenwald speech than he decided to end his own life. "with his boots on", against those who were exploiting what mainly whites had allegedly done for America since WWII. A neighbor even noticed how he had become even more outspoken, and committed to a violent showdown after the speech. On June 10th, von Brunn walked into the U. S Holocaust Memorial Museun in Washington with his rifle blazing, killing black security guard Stephen T. Johns while being criticially wounded by others in the process. While it seemed that von Brunn had gotten his wish in the shootout, he managed somehow to survive being shot in the face, and the Mossad seems to have gotten its wish - i. e., this rabid, anti-semitic, white suprematist being tried for his life during which his extreme views and experience would have even the most extreme Zionist wanting nothing more. It was so convenient for Israel's supporters and the President's opponents that he was called upon to reassure Jews about their security..The assault seems to have been the source of Mossad

Director Meir Dagan's most belated, parting gift from office to Israel.

The only trouble with the arrangement is that von Brunn surprisingly developed a deadly illness while in the federal correctional institution at Butner, North Carolina just before his trial was to begin. In November, he was taken to the Watauga Medical Center in nearby Boone with such physical problems that the prison's medical facilities could not cope with them. He seems to have been poisoned with something like minute doses of arsenic or hemlock, and by the time when was taken to the state hospital, he was in a terminal, incredibly painful condition, dying on January 6, 2010. His death was the last thing the Mossad wanted, leading one to suspect that at Butner he had been conveniently killed by personnel in either their public or private capacity. It seems more likely the former as his federally-appointed lawyer, M. J. Kramer, neither knew nor cared about the cause of his demise, and the circumstances during which it occurred. An autopsy was not performed on his body.

In light of Obama's apparent political expediency in dealing with such serious matters regarding The Holocaust, it was hardly surprising that Dagan took steps to exploit any recurrence of such failings in future. The covert operator - known for his ability to create conditions, or anticipate ones which served his purposes - moved immediately to make up for the policy vacuum that von Brunn's unanticipated demise had created. What better substitute for a vile denier of The Holocaust than an assault on the place best known for the genocide itself - Auschwitz! And what better represented it than the entrance gate sign which announced that work would make its entrants free ("Arbeit Macht Frei") when, in fact, its promised all their demise. Well over 1,000,000 men, women, and children, almost all Jews, were exterminated at its three camps, the largest that the Nazis maintained.

The Israeli secret intelligence service certainly had the human and physical assets for such a mission. It could easily put together of body of people who could steal the sign, and see that it was taken wherever the Mossad wanted. A sleeper cell - led by the right handler, dupes who had been recruited for various false or illegal reasons, and just plaim criminals who had been hired for just another hesit - could easily steal the sign, hide it until transport was arranged to take it out of Poland, and then take it to a neo-Nazi who wanted such memorabilia or seemed to want it, the more likely possibility. A 'false flag' operation of this sort was just what the circumstances called for. The problems would center on getting the sign out of Poland, and to a likely buyer who would be identified to the proper authorities before he realized what was going on.

The easiet of these concerns is setting up an unsuspecting victim, as I learned when I was going to graduate school. During WWII, my father was a division artillery commander during the assault on Nazi Germany, and after it capitulated, he brought back to the States all kinds of Nazi memorabilia as trophies, and they were lying around our summer house for years. One day my mother decided to liven up the rooms by putting Nazi flags up for curtains in one of them, and they were still there when I brought my girl friend down to meet the folks. She, a militant anti-Nazi, went bananas when she saw the curtains, and no amount of explaining could undo the damage. She decided that we, especially me, were closet Nazis, and that was really the end of the affair. Just show an interest in such things and you will be judged a neo-Nazi no matter what the circumstances, and your protestations.

In this case, the Mossad had many possible targets for such a set-up if it could only get the sign to them. It could easily be cut up into pieces, and shipped as just some artistic metal work to some unsuspecting target. An ideal target had just become Marc Garlasco, a Human Rights Watch military investigator who specialized in the crimes surrounding the Palestinian question. A former Pentagon official, he was increasingly demonized by supporters of Israel, especially Omri Ceren who had just updated his criticism of him. Ceren could just not believe that Garlasco's criticisms, particularly of Tel Aviv, could not be connected to his obsessive collections and publications about Naiz memorabilia, especially that of the Luftwaffe.(3) The biggest problem was just getting the entrance sign somehow to him.

In southern Sweden, the Mossad apparemtly persuaded a converted neo-Nazi Anders Högström to help arrange the transport of the theft, believing that real neo-Nazis like Swedish millionaire Lars Göran Wahlström wanted it, and that it was in Israeli interests to infiltrate and catch the culprit. Högström's family has an estate in Bleklinge in southern Sweden and a house here in Lidingö, and quit the National Socialist Front in 1999 because of its criminal acts against opponents, especially the assassination of trade unionist Björn Söderberg, forming a group called Exit to help others escape from the cluthes of National Socialism. Högstrom believed that Wahlström had been reporonsible for Söderberg's killing because he had caused the firing of neo-Nazi Robert Vesterlund from the trade union Sveriges Arbeteras Centralorganisation's newspaper Arbetaren because of his subversive allegiances, and thought that the Israeli set-up would be proper punishment for Wahlström.

On Friday, December 17, 2009, a team of five men cut down the entrance sign at Auschwitz, cut it up, and hid it nearby in southern Poland, awaiting instructions from Högström, it seems, about when and where to move them. He was totally surprised by the delay, believing that they would be already on their way to Sweden to entrap Wahlström where they would be surprisingly delivered to his Skåne doorstep, the police waiting nearby to recover them, and nab him. The theft was allegedly being used to help fund neo-Nazi attacks, especially on Sweden's Riksdag.(4)

Högström seems then to have been told that the sign pieces were to be shipped out of an airport in lower Poland on a Corendon airliner, a Turkish carrier, and the sign pieces should be addressed to one Thomas Salme. Airports in Lódz. Krakow, and Katowice are a long way from Sweden, and they did not have scheduled flights to places like Sweden. In short, Högström was convicted that the plan had been changed, and he was being set-up for the crime, resulting in his informing the Swedish police of where the sign had been hidden, and Salme's role in the process, though he, perhaps, had not idea of who he really was.

The Swedish authorities informed the Polish ones where they could recover the sign pieces, but were panicked by Högström's claim that Salme was involved, as its Transport Authority (TA) knew all too well about the former Royal Swedish Air Force fighter pilot who had been flying for 13 years with a recently forged Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) - what captains of multi-engined, passenger jets must obtain. Salme only had his military experience, and a long-expired Commercial Pilot License. He had left the service when it was vastly slimming down during the 1990s, and had joined civilian carriers when they were rapidily expanding with few questions asked of its applicants. He joined the Italian carrier Air One shortly after its first full year of operation in 1996, thanks to his having flown Boeing C-130s during his time in service. It had the same avionics as Air One's Boeing 737s which all the airlines Salme flew with had.

Then it was just a question of flying enough hours to maintain his active status, and undergoing any periodic test required - what seemed most unlikely, given his flying cargo assignments. A few years later, he transferred to the English cargo carrier, Channel Express, in the Midlands, and stayed with it until it was taken over by Jet-2 and wound down the cargo business. Then Salme flew tourist flights for Apollo Airlines to places around the Mediterranean, especially Greece, and then did the same thing for Air Sweden, an airline so unobservant of EU rules about operating in the Community that the Swedish Transport Agency is trying to force its closure - what its experience with Salme might well have had something to do with. It had tried to stop Salme in 2007 because of his lack of proper qualifications. But he had left the carrier and the country by then, settling in Milan, and starting to work for Corendon - a tourist agency run one, working out of Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport - and the TA just forgot about it all. Salme's secrets about flying might well have been the cause of his, it seems, being blackmailed into the plot.

Högström's tipoffs, of course, sent Polish, Swedish, and Dutch authorities into absolute tizzies. Warsaw, while most happy to have retrieved the terrible sign, was most desirous too of getting its hands on him so the whole fiasco could be quickly quashed. They even claimed that the sign had been recovered at the other end of the country when it was found near Auschwitz.(5) Stockholm, while pleased at having located where the sign had been hidden, was most opposed to any revelations about how it was tipped off, particularly what Högström had said about Salme. In fact, it wanted to dispose of Salme's difficulties before ever really admitting that it was taking the case against Högström seriously, as the police only mounted his heavy arrest here in Lidingö at his family home after two months as if he were a fugitive on the run. The Dutch wanted to take steps to prevent damaging blowback when Salme was finally outed so as to limit injury to the airline, its tourist industry, or its authorities. It especially wanted it to appear that the only problem was Salme's apparent lack of an ATPL - what it conveniently managed to overcome when it replaced him in the cockpit with a qualified captain without any delay in a flight to Turkey when he was finally outed on March 3rd.(6)

By this time, the Mossad had well mended its reputation, having an all-Israeli covert operation take out Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh when he visited Dubai in mid-January 2010. (7) Meir Dagan was not going to go out on such a sour note where Swedish, Polish, and Dutch second-thoughts and dithering led to such a fiasco, one which is still unfolding. This time, the Mossad operation was a classic, though most belated, eye-for-an-eye one. It replaced public interest in what had happened to the Auschwitz sign. While Högström was finally prosecuted in Krakow, and sentenced to 32 months in prison, provided it would be served in Sweden, Stockholm was continuing to make light of Salme's failures, having the publishers Norstedt's contract his autobiography, 13 Years in Heaven, which the established reporter Stefan Lovgren is helping him with. Norstedt's published Steig Larssons' World of Millennium which has sold welll over 50,000,000 copies worldwide.

Not bad to end up being associated with such writers rather than in the company of just jailbirds, like Högström!.



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