Monday, 16 May 2011

Mystery helicopter claim over Dr David Kelly death

Details released under the Freedom of Information Act reportedly disclose that the aircraft stayed on the ground for five minutes before leaving.

According to its flight log, the helicopter - said to have been hired by Thames Valley Police - landed at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire at 10.55am on July 18 2003, 90 minutes after Dr Kelly's body was found by search teams.

The purpose of the flight and who was on board have not been established because details of the flight log have been heavily redacted, the Daily Mail reported.

Dr Andrew Watt, who has raised doubts about the circumstances around Dr Kelly's death, told the paper: "If the purpose of the helicopter flight was innocent, one has to ask why it was kept secret."

Today Thames Valley Police declined to comment on whether the force had hired the aircraft or the reasons behind doing so and why the flight log had apparently been redacted.

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Trowbridge H. Ford said...

Tomorrow Attorney General Dominic Grieve will rule that there will be NO new inquest into the murder of Dr. David Kelly, thanks to PM David Cameron declaring in answer to a parliamentary question that it is not necessary, and calling the bluff of doctors like Andrew Watt claiming that it might have been murder, and going to the High Court to force a real one.

It wouldn't dare call a new one with no one but me calling who the killers are - i.e, the four persons in the boat who had been at the murder site all night, and were waiting for confirmation that Kelly was finally dead.

For just a sample of the failures by the authorities in investigating
the assassination just think of things like this - delegating the cause of death to suicide expert Dr. Keith Hawton, Kelly talking about unknown people hunting him down but still making plans to go back to Iraq, Kelly's body being moved by hired helicopter from where he was killed along the wooded banks of the Thames, and away from his killers - who had stolen his dental charts to make sure they got him in the dark - to a remote bit on Harrowdown Hill the next day, it being on a site where the TVP had to provide evidence, especially blood on the ground, of a suicide, the reported wounds all over his body, not just on his left wrist, showing that he had been worked over by others at another location.

You just cannot make this stuff up, but anything goes in the UK when it comes to necessary murders or unexpected blowback.

Just ask Mike Todd,Gareth Williams,
Gudrun Loftus, Alexander Litvinenko
et al.

And HMG is most worried about another Derrick Bird rampage if it starts stirring matters about Kelly's killing.

David Kelly, RIP.