Saturday 5 February 2011

I’ll Never Learn to Love My Servitude Mr. Huxley! Slavery is NOT an Option!

By Neil Foster, 4th February 2011

In roman times slaves knew their place and any misdemeanour, regardless of degree could be punishable by death.

In later times, the peasants were kept in abject poverty through the removal of food as a tax on their labour whereby they were left with a minimal amount of food for themselves and their families to barely survive.

The same applied to the Irish in what became known in falsified history as the ‘Irish Potato Famine’ when in fact, the British removed the vast majority of all food, especially meat for their troops fighting abroad. This left the Irish with nothing but the staple potato to survive on but as often happens with potatoes, even to this day, they are subject to blight which destroys the crop. This was the real reason why so many of the Irish died of starvation or emigrated across the world.

This would of course be called ‘ethnic cleansing’ today but the ‘famine’ fable still persists to this day. In Stalin’s Soviet Union, a similar genocide was carried out in Ukraine whereby virtually all of the grain grown there was exported to countries such as Britain and the US leaving the deaths from starvation of millions of Ukrainians as the Western world benefited from cheap grain prices.

In modern times are things really so different? Modern society dictates that we work for a wage determined, to the extent that there is a minimum wage, by government. Recently the government in the UK has said that those on the minimum wage will soon be subject to taxation whilst the Irish government has reduced the minimum wage by €1 which is basically a tax deduction disguised as a ‘wage’ cut.

Everyone pays tax in one form or another but the income tax is the basic tool of enslavement for anyone working. Whilst VAT is the largest contributor to the tax take this is not widely known.

The reason we need VAT is the simple fact that not one Euro , Pound or US Dollar for that matter goes towards the benefits we all expect such as hospitals, infrastructure, police and such like.

No, every ounce of income tax goes to the corrupt private banks which your corrupt governments have borrowed from for decades. Every Euro, Pound and Dollar in existence today was borrowed at one time or another from PRIVATE banks.

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