Tuesday 23 June 2009

The Voice of the Whitehouse - 21 June 2009

It has just been firmly announced by the U.S. Treasury that the $134.5 billion dollars in government T-bills that the press reported were being smuggled by purported Japanese across the Italian/Swiss borders are laughable fakes. Don’t believe it. They are not fake at all. This is a case of “Just keep on going folks. Nothing to look at here.”. Most people don't realize that these negotiable instruments are not available to individuals and could signal some serious implications for the world economy and especially for the future of the U.S. dollar—just what we need. All so-called bearer bonds are serial numbered and it is known here that these bonds are not fake and were bought much earlier by the People’s Republic of China! What is all this about? The Chinese are livid with rage that Obama upped the interest rate on Treasury bills, thus effectively halving the value of the immense Chinese holdings of said bills. They tried every diplomatic trick in the book to stop this increase but Obama needs more money for his projects and his best option was to give better rates on T-bills. Now, the Chinese are trying to show him that they will fuck with the Treasury and so the two fake Japanese were deliberately sent off to Switzerland, via Italy with the Italian police warned they were coming. The Chinese wanted this to be discovered and wanted the US to know that China would do her level best to discredit American Treasury instruments if their demands were not met. These demands will not be met so China will try something else. North Korea is also getting shirty with us but they are walking on a soda cracker bridge just as it starts to rain.

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