Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Thank you America!!!

Congratulations President-elect Obama. In case you're wondering that noise you're hearing is 6 billion people taking a deep breath. The ball is in your court now Mr President, you have the hopes of an entire planet resting with you. Please don't let us down!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not supporting him, because I do know like story like this are ending (just look how he financed his new house and you know what I mean).
So please, instead of writing "6 billion people", please correct it to a "6 billion people minus 1"...


Unknown said...

Please don't let us down!

Funny you should say that. If left on our own, the US - good president or not - will flounder. A lot of us understand why the rest of the world didn't follow Bush's folly.

But now, we have his mess to clean up and it's going to take more than good wishes. One specific example: Nato members haven't fulfilled their deployment promises in Afghanistan.

The US has made some severe mistakes over the past 7 years. Mistakes that impact the world. Guess what, it'll take more than the US and good wishes to fix them.

No acrimony intended, by the way.