Monday 13 October 2008

UK interpreter 'spied for Iran'

They used the same description for David Kelly (Walter Mitty style fantasist) why the fuck is everyone who disagrees with the warmongering bastards who run this country a "fantasist" - it's like holier-than-thow Great Brighton can do no evil and her public servants are always honourable, wonderful people who really care about the people and the country. Bull-fucking-shit! What I want to know is: what's really going on here?

How can you tell when a member of the government is lying? Their mouths are usually moving!!

An Army interpreter serving in Afghanistan, described as a "Walter Mitty" style fantasist, became an agent for Iran, a court has been told.

Tehran-born Daniel James, of Brighton, translated for Gen David Richards, the former UK commander in Afghanistan.

It is alleged he sent coded messages to an Iranian military attache in Kabul telling him "I am at your service".

Mr James, 45, denies two charges under the Official Secrets Act and wilful misconduct in public office.

Mark Dennis QC, prosecuting, said Mr James' role, working for the general, put him in an "unique position".

He said Mr James was a "Walter Mitty"-style fantasist who thought he had been snubbed for promotion.

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