Monday 7 July 2008

Spy chief in coma is tested for poisons

Storied like this are always a little suspect, granted that it's not uncommon for 57 year old men to collapse into comas but this is decidedly odd. With the war drums against Iran beating louder than ever, unexplained things like this happening to key people fill me with deep suspicion. There are people out there who want a war and all the chaos it will bring. Invading Iran will not be like invading Iraq - it is likely to cause WW3 and if that happens we are all totally fucked.

The Government's top intelligence adviser was continuing to fight for life in hospital last night, five days after collapsing into a coma.

Alex Allan, 57, who heads the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), reported feeling unwell at the end of last week before falling ill at his London home on Monday.

While it is unclear why he collapsed, Whitehall sources said they did not believe "foul play" was to blame.

It is understood doctors are carrying out toxicology tests to establish the nature of his illness.

Scotland Yard said the incident was being treated as "non-suspicious" and confirmed he remained in a "serious" condition in a London hospital.

A Cabinet Office spokesman would not give any more details about Allan's condition or treatment.

His JIC is part of the Cabinet Office and responsible for briefing the Prime Minister on a weekly basis.

Personnel from MI5, MI6 and GCHQ sit on the committee, and the chairman collates their findings and presents them to the Prime Minister and other senior ministers.

Allan was appointed to the position last November, the same month in which his wife, artist Katie Clemson, died from cancer.

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