Thursday 13 March 2008

Postmortem fails to solve riddle of chief constable's death

THis case gets stranger and stranger, apparently my reports of notes being left was wrong. It's also unclear whether the dmanage to the body was consistent with a fall. Fishy fishy fishy. We all know what happens to people who try and expose the Beast for what it is. They get suicided!

A postmortem examination on the body of Michael Todd, the Manchester chief constable who was found dead in Snowdonia, found no immediately clear cause of death, a coroner said today.

"We had the postmortem examination this morning. No obvious cause of death was found," Dewi Pritchard-Jones, the coroner for north-west Wales told reporters, adding that he hoped toxicology tests would be completed by tomorrow morning.

Police are investigating whether the 50-year-old killed himself at the north Wales beauty spot, or if he was the victim of a hiking accident. Hypothermia could also be a cause of death.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester police said that, contrary to previous reports, there were no notes written to Todd's family near his body when it was found yesterday afternoon.

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