Wednesday 3 October 2007

The Voice of the White House - September 30, 2007

These days, the internet is host to an enormous flood of rumors tarted up as fact concerning the attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC buildings. We know here that much of this is government-sponsored disinformation grafted onto the ubiquitous idiot fringes of our society that see sinister plots in potholes and hurricanes but there are two aspects of this attack that simply are not part and parcel of the myths. The most important one is one of pre-information on the part of our senior officials and the second is the immense amount of money that was made, using prior knowledge of this attack, by Israeli businessmen and, regrettably, by members of our intelligence and government communities. It is known inside the Beltway that the Bush people know, almost to the day, about the attack. They did nothing about this, heightened no security, issued no alerts, because it suited their Mideast expansionist policy to permit it to continue and give Bush popular support for his long-planned plot to lay his hands on Iraqi oil. After all, the Bush family made their money in oil and they are all connected with other oil industry people. Cheney ran Halliburton that was a support industry for the oil people and men like Cheney always keep their eyes open for a chance to make money. The best example of making gold out of blood are the stock market manipulations that took place just before the attack. This is a subject which briefly surfaced in the media and then was ruthlessly shut down on orders from the White House. In spreading disinformation for the purpose of self-protection, it is not a good idea to let the public know certain matters that might result in unpleasant conclusions.
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