Wednesday 24 October 2007

Controlling the News

From - the home of Voice of the Whitehouse. Some excellent reporting on modern censorship in the news. I have not pasted the whole article, click the link at the bottom to read the full thing. Well worth it!

Editor’s note: We have always taken a highly dubious view of the many stories of a conspiratorial nature that have sprung up after the 9/11 attack. It is obvious that many are not based on facts nor logic but the continuing flood of doubt certainly indicates that the American public is generally disillusioned and has turned to theory to explain matters that to them cannot be explained away. Some of this questioning is very much to the point and it is very obvious that much has been put out as deliberate disinformation. However, when we received the attached article, we read it through very carefully, prepared to push the delete button but of all the various theories and suppositions offered to date, it makes the most sense. And, unlike many other suppositions and theories, it stands up will to the application of known, provable facts. So in this issue, we will devote almost all the space to this article and would certainly welcome reasoned responses. The Editor

Controlling the News

Some three months ago, I assumed my duties at a national media chain.

Shortly after I arrived, a senior staff member, a woman of some age and great determination, took ill with what was diagnosed as a form of cancer and she had to take a protracted medical leave to have it treated. After she had been gone a month, corporate became concerned because she was the one who received and allotted stories on national security.

Her prognosis was guarded ,so my immediate superior, at the top of the food chain, told me to look into her files and see if there was anything that might be needed currently. She had four large filing cabinets in her office, all locked. Before having them opened, I checked with the staff at her clinic and explained our position.

Her oncologist told me that she might recover in time but would not be able to return to work for at least six months. Later that night, we had a discreet locksmith come into the building. I personally guided them past our security people downstairs in the lobby. It took about five minutes to open all the locks and they then left.

For the next three days, I personally waded through hundreds of files going back to the Eisenhower presidency. Most of the material was interesting but little of it was of any current use.

However, in one cabinet, there were stacks of what appeared, and later proved , to be copies sent to our staffer by Israeli sources, both from the Israeli Embassy people in D.C. and from other sources in Israel. These were very interesting (to say the very least) and many bore on the current situation in the Middle East.

One file in particular was astonishing.

It was an Israeli post mortem analysis of the 9-11 attack, complied from their inside sources in May of 2003, and one of the most remarkable historical chronicles I have ever read.

That file in particular had a note with her name printed at the top that it was never to be shown to anyone under any circumstances. Reading it through, I can see why. I put all the other files back in place and made photo copies of some of the more sensitive ones before doing so.

That’s the background. And here is the complete report.

You will note that there are a number of comments and explanations in italics. Those are mine and are taken from reliable sources and duly noted.

Insofar as controlling the news is concerned, this is a prime, even classic, example of that oeuvre. When you read it, you will understand why no media outlet in the United States would ever dare address its contents.


The Initial attack on the World Trade Center

On Friday, February 26, 1993, at approximately 12:18 PM, a huge car bomb exploded in the Secret Service section of the underground garage of the World Trade Center in New York. The blast killed five people and injured many more The concrete ceiling over the Path subway station collapsed and the casualties were killed by the debris. The blast destroyed three floors of reinforced concrete and set off fires that sent dense clouds of smoke up into one of the two towers. Power was interdicted and the lighting and elevator systems were not functioning.

Many thousands of office workers had to be evacuated . There was great chaos in the building with occupants breaking windows to get air and filling the stairwells with a panic stricken mass of fleeing people. This attack was the work of a handful of amateur Muslims who were soon apprehended and tried. Four of them, Nidal Ayvad, Mohammed Salameh, Amad Ajaj and Mahmud Aboulhalma were tried and convicted of this act and in May of 1994 were sent to prison for life. Their putative leader, one Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a New York area religious leader, was also sentenced to life for his controlling role in the attack.

The issues of this bomb attack were quite simple. Muslim fundamentalists had tried to destroy a major American financial institution. That they were amateurs and very inept was beside the point. Other, better organized and funded groups would note the disruption and panic and use it for future such attempts.

The Americans are not anywhere as competent in dealing with terrorists as we are. We have been intimately involved with them since before 1948. As usual, the American media made a large production of it for about a week and then it simply vanished.

The attitude of the Clinton administration was that they did not want to disturb the American Muslim population and in the end, viewed the attack as an aberration that was unlikely to be repeated. The terrorists were viewed as a group of rank amateurs and the matter was not pursued. We have good rapport with the Central Intelligence Agency and have many of our people employed there but this is a domestic matter and these internal matters are addressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation which is not as friendly with us as other agencies. They have been instructed to cooperate with our people on such things but are very sparing in this cooperation. In summation, the Americans did not learn from this attack and this will be dealt with later in this report.

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