Tuesday 4 September 2007

The Voice of the White House - September 1, 2007

With a transparency that is awe-inspiring, the Administration is cranking out the scare stories about invading Iran. Paid bloggers and a very obedient press are flooding us with ‘confidential’ and endless ‘inside leaks’ that yes, children, we are going to invade Iran any day now. Stories about massing helicopters, serious secret ship movements, new shipments arriving every hour in Baghdad of bunker bombs and so on pour forth from the word processors in the Pentagon The problem is, these pathetic liars have been shrieking ‘wolf’ for so long that at this point, while the ‘red alert’ days and the ‘duct tape’ warnings have faded away into humorous myths, now they rattle a broken saber in a tin scabbard.

Israel sternly mentions her non-existent horde of atomic weapons, the U.S. Navy is sending eleventy thousand aircraft carriers to the Gulf , Cheney is tittering in his office, Bush is crying all the time in the Private Quarters because all the original worshippers of Bush, the new Son of God have gone away, never to return.

Tony Snow is leaving and we understand Barney the Dog is looking for a new home outside the Beltway.

If they weren’t so dangerous, these people would be pathetic. The Brits are leaving southern Iraq but very little in the captive press about this slap in the face and in the north, we caved in to Turkey and let their troops come into that area, without any publicity, to track down, and as the Turks like to do, butcher the local Kurdish population. And most important for Americans to note: The vaunted Bush ‘surge’ is a total failure in spite of media attempts to portray it otherwise. It is not a surprise that the print papers are rapidly crashing as tens of thousands of subscribers, tired of the canned pap, are turning to the internet for accurate news.

I understand the next phony Pentagon leak will concern a ‘deadly new bomb’ that we are giving to our Only Friend, Israel.

From intercepted foreign intelligence reports, the Bush people are viewed as dangerous lunatics who would be better off on an island in Antarctica or an asylum, eating cold beans off a tin plate while someone with a monocle watches them through a hole in the door.

I don’t know what is worse, a sniveling, hesitant and leaderless Congress or a lunatic, worthless President being led around with a ring in his hooked nose by a poison dwarf of a Cheney.

And when our National Kindergarten packs its tattered rucksacks and crawls off into the dawn, the Pentagon myth makers can always get jobs writing puff pieces for all the CEOs and hedge fund leaders who have fled to Israel or Brazil taking hundreds of millions of stolen money with them.

And that scenario is about to be reenacted any day now as all the ‘leverage buyouts, ‘ and ‘private equity’ people join the fleeing ‘sub-prime mortgage’ thieves who are now sunning themselves on the beaches in Aruba, lighting Cuban cigars with hundred dollar bills. Will Congress go after them? Of course not. If they did, they would have to surrender the mattress covers full of such bills they have hidden in their freezers at home.

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